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Yoomi (UK)


*UK's first award winning self-warming baby bottle*
- warms in 60seconds
- ideal for on the go
- great for night feeds
- perfect breastmilk temperature every time

*Yoomi  are now available in Chicco stores*

How does Yommi work?

yoomi’s clever integrated warmer is activated by simply pressing the button which causes the solution inside to generate heat. When the bottle is tipped and the baby starts feeding, the feed flows around the channels on the outside of the warmer which are cleverly designed so that the feed reaches breast milk temperature (32-34 degrees).

Please refer to the following YouTube link for charging & assemble detail:

The benefits of Yoomi:
*Hygienic-conventional bottle warmers will warm the entire bottle of feed whereas the Yoomi warmer will only warm the feed the baby drinks. So rather than warming an entire bottle and the feed cooling down over time, the feed in the Yoomi bottle will remain cool until it flows over the channels of the warmer inside the teat which gently and evenly warms the feed to perfect breast milk temperature.
*Quick-conventional bottle warmers will take approximately 6-12 minutes to warm fridge temperature milk. Yoomi takes just 60 seconds. Perfect when you have a hungry baby on board or for those 3am night feeds!
*Safe-unlike other warmers, thee is no second guessing whether the temperature is correct, Yoomi warms to perfect breast milk temperature every time.
*Portable-no plugs, no batteries, no flasks of boiling water and no more begging for hot water in cafes. Yoomi helps parents feel completely self sufficient, the perfect solution when travelling.
*Less Colic-with its 6 air vents built-in to reduce colic rather than the standard 1-3, Yoomi is one of the best vented bottles on the market!
*Comforting-unlike any other teat on the market, the Yoomi teat (with its built-in warmer) radiates a comforting, gentle and familiar warmth for baby, helping mums to successfully switch between breast and bottle.




Warmer (1 of)

Price: $229
Pod (1 of)

Price: $99
Pod + warmer (1 of)

Price: $269
8oz feeding bottle + warmer + slow flow teat + pod

Price: $359
8oz bottle + warmer + medium flow teat

Price: $319

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